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Welcome to our Subwoofer Box roundup! In this article, we’ll be exploring the top subwoofer boxes on the market that can enhance your home audio experience to a whole new level. From powerful bass to sleek designs, we’ve got you covered as we dive into the world of subwoofer boxes to help you make an informed decision.

The Top 10 Best Subwoofer Boxes

  1. Underseat 8" Subwoofer with LED Light Show — Experience powerful bass in compact spaces with the Power Acoustik USW-80L 8-inch Under Seat Subwoofer Enclosure, featuring a versatile array of features and customizable LED lighting.
  2. Rockville Dual 12" MDF Subwoofer Enclosure for Maximum Sound Performance — Premium dual 12" vented/ported subwoofer enclosure, made in the USA with top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, delivering superior sound quality for any system.
  3. Qpower 4 Hole Ported Woofer Box for 2007–2020 GM Crew Cab Vehicles — QPower 8-Inch Quad Ported Subwoofer Box: Elevate your speakers and enjoy a powerful, crisp sound with this custom-fitted, durable enclosure designed for GMC and Chevy Crew Cab models.
  4. Qpower QBGMCFF07208 Dual 8" Ported Subwoofer Box for GMC/Chevy Crew Cab — Upgrade your GMC/Chevy 2007–2020 Crew Cab’s audio experience with the QPower QBomb 8-Inch Dual Ported Subwoofer Box, offering superior sound quality, durability, and underseat down fire capabilities.
  5. Tru Spec Vented Prefab Dual 6.5" Subwoofer Enclosure — Experience powerful, customized bass with the Tru Spec Vented Prefab Dual 6.5" Subwoofer Enclosure, designed specifically for Sundown SA/DC M3 drivers.
  6. Ri Audio Dual 10" Ported Subwoofer Box with Vented Enclosure — Experience deep bass with this sleek and durable dual 10 inch ported subwoofer enclosure from RI Audio, featuring pre-installed terminals for hassle-free installation and a bed liner coating for top-notch durability.
  7. Premium Dual-Vented Digital Designs Subwoofer Enclosure — Atrend Enclosures 10DQVDD: Experience optimized bass and low frequency reproduction with an airtight fit and no rattles, designed specifically for Digital Designs subwoofers.
  8. GMC X-CAB 99–06 Dual 10" Subwoofer Box — Qpower’s Empty Woofer Box provides a high-quality, crafted upgrade for GMC X-CABs from 1999–2006, featuring a down-firing design and comfortable charcoal carpet covering.
  9. Dual 15" Square Vented Subwoofer Box for Deep Bass Performance — Experience deeper, richer bass with this Empty Woofer Box Dual 15", combining premium MDF construction, efficient venting, and a sleek carpet finish for optimal sound quality.
  10. Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure — Experience top-notch audio performance with the Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure, a premium subwoofer box meticulously crafted with USA-made materials, unparalleled MDF construction, and advanced fastening techniques.

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Underseat 8" Subwoofer with LED Light Show

Underseat 8

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Power Acoustik Low Profile 8" Car Subwoofer Enclosure, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The compact size of the enclosure was perfect for fitting into tight spaces, and the fact that it’s made of die-cast powder coated aluminum gave me peace of mind knowing my subwoofer and amplifier were protected from any accidental damage.

I was particularly impressed with the traditional pre-amp features like the low-pass crossover, 45Hz bass boost, and the signal phase switch, which really brought the sound to life. The RCA Line-in and speaker-level inputs with signal sensing also gave me plenty of options for integration into my vehicle’s audio system.

But one of the best features was definitely the wired remote control that allowed me to adjust the volume from the driver’s seat. And if that wasn’t enough, the LED ring lighting up my subwoofer and surrounding environment added a fun and colorful touch, especially when set to pulse mode in time with the beat of my music.

Overall, the Power Acoustik Low Profile 8" Car Subwoofer Enclosure was a great investment for anyone in need of a space-saving subwoofer with powerful sound and dynamic lighting features. Highly recommended!

Rockville Dual 12" MDF Subwoofer Enclosure for Maximum Sound Performance

Rockville Dual 12

I recently gave the Rockville RDVB12 Dual 12" Subwoofer Enclosure Box a try, and let me tell you, it’s quite the robust little thing! Made with Grade “A” MDF wood in the USA, this enclosure is precision cut by industry experts who have been at it for over 20 years. The top-notch glue used keeps the carpet in place, preventing any ripping or tearing.

One of my favorite features of this subwoofer enclosure is that it’s built tough with the strength of USA-made MDF. The precision cuts and mounting holes make it a perfect fit for most popular woofers. The enclosure has a net volume of 1.75 cubic feet, which is plenty of space for two 12-inch subwoofers.

I was also impressed with the quality control measures Rockville takes to ensure the product is up to par. The brand prides itself on rigorous testing and quality control, ensuring everyone gets a fully functional and durable subwoofer enclosure. So, if you’re looking for a strong, well-crafted subwoofer enclosure that will stand the test of time, give the Rockville RDVB12 a try!

Qpower 4 Hole Ported Woofer Box for 2007–2020 GM Crew Cab Vehicles

Qpower 4 Hole Ported Woofer Box for 2007-2020 GM Crew Cab Vehicles | Image

Just a few weeks ago, I decided to give my car’s sound system a boost and ordered the QPower 8" Ported Woofer Box for my GM Crew Cab. After unboxing it, the first thing I noticed was how sturdy and well-built it was. It fit like a glove under my front seat, and I could quickly tell that the four ported openings were made to perfection for a smooth and powerful bass experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by how the QPower 8" Ported Woofer Box elevated my speakers, producing a louder and crisper sound than ever before. The durability of the cover is impressive, and I appreciate how the underseat frontfire capabilities give my subwoofers the perfect position to create that deep, rumbling tone I’ve been craving.

The enclosure’s comfortable tuning frequency of 35 hertz makes it the ideal spot for bass bumping. However, I did notice that the height of the box might limit access to the area, making it a bit challenging to climb into the front passenger seat.

Overall, the QPower 8" Ported Woofer Box delivered on its promise, and I’m looking forward to enjoying my upgraded sound system for years to come.

Qpower QBGMCFF07208 Dual 8" Ported Subwoofer Box for GMC/Chevy Crew Cab

Qpower QBGMCFF07208 Dual 8

I recently had the chance to try the QPower QBGMCFF07208 Dual 8" Ported Subwoofer Box for my GMC Crew Cab and let me tell you, the sound quality was unreal! Featuring two 8-inch ported openings, this enclosure fits perfectly in the trunk of my car, making it easy to install and enjoy. The sturdy bed liner material is a game-changer, as it not only provides durability but also protects my subwoofers from wear and tear.

The underseat down fire setup really maximizes the sound quality, making the bass more powerful and crystal clear. I felt like I was driving down the highway with my very own concert. At a comfortable tuning frequency of 35 hertz, I could turn up the volume without worrying about interference or distortion. The QPower QBomb Subwoofer Enclosure perfectly encapsulates and elevates the sound of my subwoofers, truly enhancing the driving experience.

Tru Spec Vented Prefab Dual 6.5" Subwoofer Enclosure

Tru Spec Vented Prefab Dual 6.5

This subwoofer enclosure is designed specifically for Sundown SA/DC M3 6.5" subwoofers, offering a straightforward and easy installation for music enthusiasts. The enclosure, featuring a double flush baffle, maintains a sleek and minimalistic design, giving your setup a clean appearance. With a slightly curved box volume of 0.60 cubic feet, it effectively accommodates and enhances the sound performance of the Sundown SA/DC M3 subwoofers.

The 0.75" thick material of the enclosure contributes to its sturdy construction while maintaining a lightweight feel. The estimated port-tuned frequency of 40 Hz ensures optimal performance, allowing you to hear crystal-clear and powerful bass. The vented nature of this enclosure caters to both Sundown subwoofers and other compatible speakers that fall within the suggested specifications, expanding its versatility.

This enclosure is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing a seamless way to integrate new subwoofers into your audio system. Standing at 11.66" tall, 20" wide, and 9" deep, it efficiently fits into your vehicle or media setup while offering easy access to the subwoofers. Overall, this subwoofer box boasts a simple yet effective design, making it a top choice for enhancing the sound quality of your Sundown SA/DC M3 setup.

Ri Audio Dual 10" Ported Subwoofer Box with Vented Enclosure

Ri Audio Dual 10

The Ri Audio Dual 10" Ported Subwoofer Box Bed Liner Coated 3/4" MDF Vented Enclosure has made quite the impact on my daily life. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it’s been a game-changer for my audio setup. The outside dimensions are a perfect fit for my car, with a total height of 11.75", outside length of 30", and outside depth of 18.5". This makes it easy to install and gives my car a clean, sleek look.

One of the most impressive features is the dual 10-inch subwoofer mounting holes, which have helped my system deliver deep, satisfying bass. The box itself is constructed out of sturdy 3/4" MDF and sprayed with a durable bed liner material, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use. The pre-installed terminals also make installation a breeze.

However, I must say that the tuning frequency of 48 Hz is on the higher side, which might not be ideal for everyone. Some users may prefer a slightly lower tuning frequency for their audio preferences. Overall, the Ri Audio Dual 10" Ported Subwoofer Box Bed Liner Coated 3/4" MDF Vented Enclosure has been a fantastic addition to my car’s audio system. It’s durable, easy to install, and delivers the deep bass I’ve always craved.

Premium Dual-Vented Digital Designs Subwoofer Enclosure

Premium Dual-Vented Digital Designs Subwoofer Enclosure | Image

Experience a powerful subwoofer enclosure with the Atrend Enclosures 10DQVDD. Designed for top-notch bass response and low frequency reproduction, this dual-vented enclosure is perfect for Digital Designs subwoofers. The SPL-Tuned design ensures an airtight precision fit, eliminating any rattles or noise in your audio experience.

Made with specially formulated Aliphatic Wood, this enclosure guarantees an airtight seal between all MDF parts, ensuring optimal sound quality. The use of pneumatic applied brad nails during the drying process helps to hold the MDF parts securely in place, creating a no-leak, no-rattle air chamber for improved audio performance.

Measuring at 19x30.25x13.75 inches, the Atrend Enclosures 10DQVDD is a compact yet powerful solution for enhancing your audio setup. Its impressive features make it a worthy addition to any audio lover’s collection.

GMC X-CAB 99–06 Dual 10" Subwoofer Box

GMC X-CAB 99-06 Dual 10

As a reviewer, I’ve been using the Qpower Empty Woofer Box for my GMC X-CAB’ 99–06 Dual 10" in my daily life. The box, made with solid 5/8 inch MDF construction, fits perfectly underneath the rear seats and features a down-firing design. The charcoal carpet covering adds a touch of class to the installation, while the terminal cup connectors made the installation process much easier.

One thing that stood out was the size of the box. With dimensions of 10.2 inches in height, 51.9 inches in length, and 16 inches in width, it provided ample space for my two subwoofers, allowing for a rich and well-balanced bass output.

However, there were some areas where the Qpower Empty Woofer Box could use some improvement. The box was shipped and received in a good condition, but one customer reported damage upon delivery. Additionally, some users experienced issues with the speaker connectors being a bit flimsy, which may affect the overall sound quality.

Overall, my experience with the Qpower Empty Woofer Box has been mostly positive. It meets its claim of providing ample space for two subwoofers and has a stylish and durable build. Despite the minor issues mentioned above, the product’s sound quality and craftsmanship earn it a solid 3.6 rating from its 15 reviews.

Dual 15" Square Vented Subwoofer Box for Deep Bass Performance

Dual 15

Experience unmatched sound performance with Empty Woofer Box Dual 15" Square, a premium vented subwoofer box designed for optimal audio systems. This robust subwoofer box is engineered with a 1" MDF face and 3/4" MDF body, giving it durability and top-notch sound quality. The dual subwoofer setup allows for deeper bass response and smoother sound, with a volume capacity of 4.6 cubic feet per sub.

The center slot port and common port design ensure efficient airflow, while the charcoal carpet covering provides a sleek and professional look. With its versatile dimensions, at 38" L x 18" W x 16.25" H, this subwoofer box can easily blend into any room and offers easy terminal cup connection to your audio system. With a maximum mounting depth of 14.50", you can customize the setup to suit your specific audio needs. Plus, the subwoofer box is tuned to 37Hz, providing an enriched audio experience.

While this subwoofer box has many great features, users may find some minor drawbacks such as the lack of specific instruction guidelines for DIY installation. Despite these small drawbacks, the Empty Woofer Box Dual 15" Square is a top-of-the-line subwoofer box offering impressive sound quality and a sleek design.

Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure

Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure | Image

As a music lover, I couldn’t resist trying the Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure. When I first opened the box, I was impressed by its sturdy construction and premium materials. The full 3/4 inch Hardwood MDF, miter & dado construction, and silver spring loaded terminal cups all contributed to its high-quality feel.

However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I noticed the packaging was thin and flimsy, resulting in damaged corners upon arrival. This was particularly unfortunate, given the product’s premium features and high price point.

In terms of performance, this enclosure truly delivered. The 15 inch subwoofer provided powerful and clear low frequencies, making my music sound rich and full. The enclosure’s vent location was a bit inconvenient, but overall it still served its purpose effectively.

I would definitely recommend the Atrend 15lsv Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure to those looking for superior sound quality in their home audio system, provided they are prepared to handle the potential packaging issues.

Buyer’s Guide

A subwoofer box is a crucial component of any home theater or audio system, as it houses and enhances the low-frequency sound produced by a subwoofer. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the key features, considerations, and general advice to make an informed decision when purchasing a subwoofer box.


Defining the Subwoofer Box

A subwoofer box, also called an enclosure, is a specially designed cabinet that houses and enhances the performance of a subwoofer. It is responsible for controlling the low-frequency sound waves produced by the subwoofer, thus improving the overall audio quality. The box’s interior dimensions, materials, and design play a significant role in the sound’s quality.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Subwoofer Box

  1. Size: The size of the subwoofer box is crucial in determining the box’s bass response. Subwoofers come in various sizes, and each size has specific characteristics. Smaller boxes may produce tighter bass, while larger boxes can produce more powerful and deeper bass. Choose a box that matches the size and power of your subwoofer.

Materials and Construction

  1. Materials: The choice of materials for the subwoofer box has a significant impact on the sound quality. High-quality materials, such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood, provide better damping and more consistent sound. Inferior materials, like particleboard, can negatively affect the sound quality by introducing resonance and vibration.

Port Design and Placement

  1. Port Design: The port design in a subwoofer box plays a crucial role in bass output and sound quality. There are two main port configurations: sealed (airtight) and ported (vented). Sealed boxes produce tighter bass with minimal distortion, while ported boxes offer greater bass output but may introduce more coloration.


What is a subwoofer box?

A subwoofer box, also known as an enclosure or cabinet, is a designed structure that houses a subwoofer and allows it to produce high-quality, deep bass sounds. The box is typically built with materials such as wood, MDF, or plastic, and is available in varying sizes and shapes to accommodate different subwoofers.

Subwoofer boxes are designed to optimize the performance of the subwoofer by controlling and directing the bass output. They can also be integrated with other components, like passive radiators, to further improve the overall sound quality and performance of the system. Overall, a subwoofer box is an essential accessory for any subwoofer to achieve superior audio quality.


What are the different types of subwoofer boxes?

There are various types of subwoofer boxes, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Some common types include sealed, ported, bandpass, and infinite baffle enclosures. Sealed enclosures provide a more controlled bass response with less distortion, while ported enclosures offer a more extended low-frequency response. Bandpass enclosures offer a narrower frequency range, focusing on the specific bass frequencies of the subwoofer, while infinite baffle enclosures provide a smoother frequency response with deeper and more natural bass.

Additionally, there are active and passive subwoofer boxes. Active subwoofer boxes include an built-in amplifier, while passive subwoofer boxes do not. Passive subwoofer boxes must be connected to an external amplifier to function. Choosing the right type of subwoofer box depends on the desired bass performance, the subwoofer’s specifications, and the intended audio setup.

What materials are commonly used to make subwoofer boxes?

Subwoofer boxes are typically made from materials that offer a combination of durability, sound quality, and affordability. Some of the most common materials used for building subwoofer boxes include MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), plywood, and particleboard. MDF is a popular choice due to its high rigidity and excellent sound dampening properties, while plywood offers good rigidity and sound transmission characteristics. Particleboard is a more affordable option but may not provide the same level of performance as MDF or plywood.

Additionally, some subwoofer boxes are made from high-density polyurethane foam, which offers exceptional sound dampening properties. These enclosures are often more expensive but can yield superior sound quality compared to traditional wood or particleboard materials. It’s essential to consider the specific needs and budget when selecting the appropriate material for a subwoofer box.


How do I choose the right subwoofer box for my subwoofer?

When selecting a subwoofer box, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure optimal performance. First, determine the driver configuration of your subwoofer — sealed, ported, or bandpass — and choose a box that matches this configuration. Second, ensure that the enclosure’s internal volume is appropriate for your subwoofer’s voice coil and cone size, as well as the intended application. This will help achieve the desired bass performance, frequency response, and distortion levels.

Thirdly, take into account the subwoofer’s cabinet dimensions and any mounting or finishing requirements you may have. This will help narrow down the available options and ensure a proper fit and seamless integration into your audio system. Finally, examine the box’s construction quality, sound dampening properties, and overall durability. High-quality subwoofer boxes typically feature solid construction, reinforced corners, and proper bracing to improve sound performance and reduce resonance.

Can I build my own subwoofer box?

Yes, you can build your own subwoofer box if you have the necessary skills, tools, and materials. Building a subwoofer box involves selecting the appropriate dimensions, constructing the enclosure from the chosen material, and adding any necessary bracing, porting, or other features to optimize performance. However, this process can be more involved and complex than it appears, as it requires precise measurements, accurate cuts, and proper assembly to ensure optimal performance.

If you’re not confident in your woodworking skills or are unsure about designing an optimal enclosure for your subwoofer, it’s best to purchase a pre-built subwoofer box from a reputable manufacturer. This will ensure a well-designed and constructed enclosure that is tailored to your specific subwoofer and audio system requirements.

What are some common issues with subwoofer boxes?

While high-quality subwoofer boxes can provide exceptional performance, there are some common issues that you should be aware of when selecting or building a subwoofer enclosure. Some of these issues include poor construction quality, inadequate sound dampening properties, resonance, and porting issues. Poorly constructed boxes may have loose joints or insufficient bracing, leading to reduced sound quality and increased distortion.

Subwoofer boxes with insufficient sound dampening properties may not effectively control the bass output, resulting in bass that is overly harsh or boomy. Resonance can also be a problem, particularly in enclosures made from materials with high sound transmission characteristics. Lastly, improperly designed or executed porting can cause issues with frequency response and overall performance.

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